Laskiha Desta
Haustier baden
Auf keinen Fall verwenden Sie keine menschlichen Shampoos, sie werden nur Ihre Katze Haare verderben und trocknen ihre Haut, die ihr sehr großes Unbehagen geben wird.

Wer einen Hund lebt, sollte Shampoo eins zu zweit nicht benutzen. Es ist viel besser, die Katze mit klarem Wasser zu waschen, als ihr das schreckliche zu zufügen. Wichtig ist auch zu bedenken, dass Shampoo besser Hand legen kann, statt ein paar Pinseln. Auf diese Weise werden Sie das Fell der Katze, die Haut fühlen und eine bestimmte Kraft anwenden, die das Männchen nicht verletzen wird.
Apotheker Jubohi
Preparing Debian 8 -] Debian 9 upgrade of the server running
Information for #friends of Made backups and snapshot of the system disk. Preparing to #upgrade the server from #Debian 8.11 to 9.5. There will be some downtime (at least for a reboot for the newer kernel). Server uptime now: 355 days. Debian FTW!
Apotheker Jubohi
Server upgrade from Debian 8 to Debian 9 now complete
Information to #friends of #Upgrade from Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 to 9.5 now complete and all services are up-and-running. There was a downtime of slightly under 5 minutes. If you notice something not working send email to ‘services (at)’
The Consumerium Effort
New York judge throws a Monsanto vs. Avaaz 168-page fear mongering subpoena out of court
Great news! A New York judge has practically thrown out of court a 168-page Monsanto vs. Avaaz subpoena and gave a good lecture to the Monsanto side about freedom of expression and freedom of civic activism.

I browsed the counter-document, prepared by a top notch lawyer in cooperation with Avaaz that partially has been paid with my monthly donation which I decided to commit to when I heard of the 168-page subpoena demanding gross and compromising handing over of information about the activities and the activists of Avaaz against glyphosate, a cancer causing herbicide marketed by Monsanto.

Should the subpoena have passed Avaaz would have been required to hand over compromising information about their activists and activities against the use of glyphosate.

Monsanto’s subpoena was clearly intended to cause chill effects and fear in excellent civil activist organizations like Avaaz to not to interfere with these big-buck pigs and their shady dealings.

Big up to Avaaz for our victory!

Here is the finely prepared counter-document to the 168-page subpoena, the intention of which was to cause fear and chill.
[attachment type='link' url=''][/attachment]
Apotheker Jubohi
Installed a wildcard certificate for *
Information to users of Today I installed a wildcard cert * using and DNS API to authenticate. The certificate is automatically renewed without any downtime now as webroot is not needed to renew.

Here is a blog post on my blog about how to acquire and install a wildcard certificate from with and DNS API as authentication method.
Installing a wildcard certificate on Linux using and a DNS Api
Apotheker Jubohi
Made snapshot of this machine. Made, verified and distributed backups of both production machines. Upgraded diaspora* to, GNU social to latest stable branch and this Friendica to latest stable release Asparagus 3.5.4.
Andi Elbe
Ich bin drin
Apotheker Jubohi
Made backups and upgraded
Made, verified and distributed backups. Updated all services to latest stable.
Apotheker Jubohi
Backed up, verified and distributed backups of relevant databases and static files yesterday.
Apotheker Jubohi
This friendica instance is powered by renewables

Green Web Check - The Green Web Foundation

The website is hosted green. This hoster is using green energy / compensation for its services.
Apotheker Jubohi
Info for Friendica #friends: Made, verified and distributed backups of the databases and static files of all Consu(me)rium production servers today.
Apotheker Jubohi
Apotheker Juboxi's Wall of Random Answers and more DDoS on an ISP of other ISPs yesterday
So from news I hear of a DDoS attack on some ISP that is an ISP for other ISPs yesterday. On YLE the footage they run showed unlocaked cabinets… damn, it seemed to me that the cabinets without locable doors at all and CAT6 flowing all over the place. Expect headlines
“Internet attacks itself. Popcorn prices rise.”
Apotheker Jubohi
Random fact about language of the day: “ailment” means “garlic lies” in French.
Zeit für Ketch Vampire

YouTube: Devon Irons - Ketch Vampire (Mystic Revelation)

Apotheker Jubohi
Hmm.. "scary" clowns trolling clueless reporters to get the wake up facts. Reporters' parents reportedly upset and complaining.
Remember kids.. any amount of make-up, rubber or plastic usually nothing to get scared of. If the clown is wearing only pixels it _is_ scary because those are. #scaryclown
Apotheker Jubohi
Made and verified full backups of the MariaDBs in Espoo and Netherlands. Juboxi (talk) 17:48, 15 October 2016 (EEST)
Apotheker Jubohi
And a very spice mix Thursday to y'all.
Apotheker Jubohi
"Here bones. Make tool." ~ Paleotolithic Trad.
Apotheker Jubohi
Capitalis: "Who pays?" Apotheker : “You and a few handfuls of extremely idealistic 1337 coders” #planetary #basicincome #hardscifitweeting
Apotheker Jubohi
Certs renewed till January
I didn't manage to get the fullauto to work but at least the #consumium #free #social #media are up-and-running for 3 more months
Apotheker Jubohi
Protect that which is vulnerable.
Shot in burst mode Leica sheer gray-scale CCD.
Apotheker Jubohi
@MaidSafe needs more money.
Better give 'em some and get to tell your grand-kids how you chipped in before others even heard of the wonderful thing by the brave Scots and also made your first #MaidSafeCoins. Sooner you bnktothefuture the more you will receive when the MaidSafeCoin starts to be mined and minted.
Apotheker Jubohi
Python integer math implementation has gotta be really nice.
Random 17-char long #BASE64 #string has 5,070,602,400,912,917,605,986,812 821,504 ~ 5 million trillion trillion possibilities. I think I like who specsed and implemented #python's integer math.
Apotheker Jubohi
Wednesday 2016-09-07 status report
* DNS broke. Apparently at the hosting guys. Only was affected. Moved DNS overnight to in France and this morning everything was back up.
* Diaspora* is down but there is a working theory on how to get it up. Apparently the new style of comms via unix-sockets instead of TCP/IP:3000 isn't working for some reason. Gonna change the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/diaspora and the /var/www/diaspora/config/diaspora.yml to use the old style.
Apotheker Jubohi
Diaspora* is down for a little while
There are some unanticipated problems in the -> upgrade of the #diaspora #pod
Apotheker Jubohi
#Trans #social #media #poll calling #podizens, #hubizens, #friendica #friends, #gnusocialists.
Others than just * freedomists are also invited to participate. I will tally both results within their group. “Locals” and “Rest of federated free social media” should do it.

1. What would you like to prioritize more and what less in the stuff to get working in the free social media scene in larger or in Consumium free social media?
2. What additional free software / open standards / open data people would like to see Consumium services (ja ist me, basically) try to bring up? See for ideas.
Apotheker Jubohi
Made, verified and distributed backups of all production servers
Made, verified and distributed backups of all production server #MariaDBs on 2016-08-09.

Friendica stores all its data in the database so for full Friendica backup no static file grabbing needs to be done.
Apotheker Jubohi
#Installing #UbuntuBSD #Beta in #VirtualBox
Apotheker Jubohi
Included this Friendica instace onto the diaspora* landing page landing page finally fixed to show also this Friendica and the GNU MediaGoblin at (Accounts available by request)
Apotheker Jubohi
Oxfam infographic shows how 10 companies dominate the supermarket shelves
Apotheker Jubohi
New certs from now up-and-running
### Information to #friends of #friendica #instance: new certificates from now on-line for all services and valid till October.

The renewal automation is slightly broken now but I'll fix it in time.
Apotheker Jubohi
#awesome. #selfhosting. #github #maintained #collectively produced #topically #organized #list
Apotheker Jubohi and other sites successfully upgraded
Upgraded friendica and all the other free social media and the consumer empowerment effort wiki and (business study wiki) to the latest versions. Cheers.
Apotheker Jubohi
Made and verified backups of this Friendica instance
Just thought I'd let you know
Apotheker Jubohi
Information to friends of
* ### Moving the DNS from Espoo hosting guys to today.
* ### TTL is 900 so move should be swift and no (significant) downtime is expected.
* ### The old TLS certificate is expiring on Saturday 2016-07-09 at 23:59:59 UTC and I am in the process of replacing the * COMODO wildcard cert with a bunch of free certificates from
You can read more about the process here:
## ###
Apotheker Jubohi
Email finally flowing correctly from this #Friendica to the Internet
After lot of conffing it looks like that the migration of the services is done and you are welcome to use uninterrupted once all the services have been configured and verified to work.

A few restarts may still occur today Thursday 2016-06-09 but soon the services should be up 24/7.
Apotheker Jubohi
Tsū (social network)
Tsū is your practical more ethical drop-in replacement for Facebook. Revenue is shared with the people who create the content that is served and not just for Sugarmountainlandia Corporation. Also appears to protect your content better. I'm there drop me a line if you want an invite.
Apotheker Jubohi
Friendica migrated to new blazing fast server
#Welcoming friends of to the new blazing fast server in hyper-connected Netherlands. Mail subsystem is not yet there and I gotta figure out which directories hold the static files.

Apotheker Jubohi
DNS change onto the new machine is now in propagation. Expected outage: less than one hour. Database will be transferred when DNS has moved to point to new machine and therefore the old database cannot be accessed by the users anymore.
Apotheker Jubohi
Debian8 -> Debian8 migration of #diaspora #gnusocial #hubzilla #friendica and #gnumediagoblin in process.
I keep track of what I should be doing at at which point and what's already done. Is basically just to write open to see if I've missed something.

Prlly another migration coming where the Nederlands server is moving inside Finnish granite bedrock to run on renewable electricity only.
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