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Capitalis: "Who pays?" Apotheker : “You and a few handfuls of extremely idealistic 1337 coders” #planetary #basicincome #hardscifitweeting
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Certs renewed till January
I didn't manage to get the fullauto to work but at least the #consumium #free #social #media are up-and-running for 3 more months
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Protect that which is vulnerable.
Shot in burst mode Leica sheer gray-scale CCD.
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@MaidSafe needs more money.
Better give 'em some and get to tell your grand-kids how you chipped in before others even heard of the wonderful thing by the brave Scots and also made your first #MaidSafeCoins. Sooner you bnktothefuture the more you will receive when the MaidSafeCoin starts to be mined and minted.

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Python integer math implementation has gotta be really nice.
Random 17-char long #BASE64 #string has 5,070,602,400,912,917,605,986,812 821,504 ~ 5 million trillion trillion possibilities. I think I like who specsed and implemented #python's integer math.
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Wednesday 2016-09-07 status report
* DNS broke. Apparently at the hosting guys. Only develop.consumerium.org was affected. Moved DNS overnight to Gandi.net in France and this morning everything was back up.
* Diaspora* is down but there is a working theory on how to get it up. Apparently the new style of comms via unix-sockets instead of TCP/IP:3000 isn't working for some reason. Gonna change the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/diaspora and the /var/www/diaspora/config/diaspora.yml to use the old style.
Apotheker Jubohi
Diaspora* is down for a little while
There are some unanticipated problems in the -> upgrade of the https://d.consumium.org #diaspora #pod
Apotheker Jubohi
#Trans #social #media #poll calling #podizens, #hubizens, #friendica #friends, #gnusocialists.
Others than just *.consumium.org freedomists are also invited to participate. I will tally both results within their group. “Locals” and “Rest of federated free social media” should do it.

1. What would you like to prioritize more and what less in the stuff to get working in the free social media scene in larger or in Consumium free social media?
2. What additional free software / open standards / open data people would like to see Consumium services (ja ist me, basically) try to bring up? See https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted/blob/master/README.md#analytics for ideas.
Apotheker Jubohi
Made, verified and distributed backups of all production servers
Made, verified and distributed backups of all production server #MariaDBs on 2016-08-09.

Friendica stores all its data in the database so for full Friendica backup no static file grabbing needs to be done.
Apotheker Jubohi
#Installing #UbuntuBSD #Beta in #VirtualBox
Apotheker Jubohi
Included this Friendica instace onto the diaspora* landing page
https://d.consumium.org landing page finally fixed to show also this Friendica and the GNU MediaGoblin at https://media.consumium.org (Accounts available by request)
Apotheker Jubohi
Oxfam infographic shows how 10 companies dominate the supermarket shelves
Apotheker Jubohi
New certs from LetsEncrypt.org now up-and-running
### Information to #friends of https://friendica.consumium.org #friendica #instance: new certificates from https://LetsEncrypt.org now on-line for all services and valid till October.

The renewal automation is slightly broken now but I'll fix it in time.
Apotheker Jubohi
#awesome. #selfhosting. #github #maintained #collectively produced #topically #organized #list
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friendica.consumium.org and other sites successfully upgraded
Upgraded friendica and all the other free social media and the http://develop.consumerium.org/wiki/ consumer empowerment effort wiki and http://globba12.si/wiki/ (business study wiki) to the latest versions. Cheers.
Apotheker Jubohi
Made and verified backups of this Friendica instance
Just thought I'd let you know
Apotheker Jubohi
Information to friends of https://friendica.consumium.org.
* ### Moving the DNS from Espoo hosting guys to https://gandi.net today.
* ### TTL is 900 so move should be swift and no (significant) downtime is expected.
* ### The old TLS certificate is expiring on Saturday 2016-07-09 at 23:59:59 UTC and I am in the process of replacing the *.consumium.org COMODO wildcard cert with a bunch of free certificates from https://LetsEncrypt.org.
You can read more about the process here: http://byjuho.fi/en/2016/06/30/tls-encryption-with-letencrypt-org-certificates/
## ###
Apotheker Jubohi
Email finally flowing correctly from this #Friendica to the Internet
After lot of conffing it looks like that the migration of the services is done and you are welcome to use https://Friendica.consumium.org uninterrupted once all the services have been configured and verified to work.

A few restarts may still occur today Thursday 2016-06-09 but soon the services should be up 24/7.
Apotheker Jubohi
Tsū (social network)
Tsū is your practical more ethical drop-in replacement for Facebook. Revenue is shared with the people who create the content that is served and not just for Sugarmountainlandia Corporation. Also appears to protect your content better. I'm there http://www.tsu.co/Jukeboksi drop me a line if you want an invite.
Apotheker Jubohi
Friendica migrated to new blazing fast server
#Welcoming friends of https://friendica.consumium.org to the new blazing fast server in hyper-connected Netherlands. Mail subsystem is not yet there and I gotta figure out which directories hold the static files.

Apotheker Jubohi
DNS change onto the new machine is now in propagation. Expected outage: less than one hour. Database will be transferred when DNS has moved to point to new machine and therefore the old database cannot be accessed by the users anymore.
Apotheker Jubohi
Debian8 -> Debian8 migration of #diaspora #gnusocial #hubzilla #friendica and #gnumediagoblin in process.
I keep track of what I should be doing at at which point and what's already done. Is basically just to write open to see if I've missed something.

Prlly another migration coming where the Nederlands server is moving inside Finnish granite bedrock to run on renewable electricity only.

Apotheker Jubohi
*.consumium.org are being migrated this week and outages will occur and posts made during the next few days may be lost.
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