New York judge throws a Monsanto vs. Avaaz 168-page fear mongering subpoena out of court
Great news! A New York judge has practically thrown out of court a 168-page Monsanto vs. Avaaz subpoena and gave a good lecture to the Monsanto side about freedom of expression and freedom of civic activism.

I browsed the counter-document, prepared by a top notch lawyer in cooperation with Avaaz that partially has been paid with my monthly donation which I decided to commit to when I heard of the 168-page subpoena demanding gross and compromising handing over of information about the activities and the activists of Avaaz against glyphosate, a cancer causing herbicide marketed by Monsanto.

Should the subpoena have passed Avaaz would have been required to hand over compromising information about their activists and activities against the use of glyphosate.

Monsanto’s subpoena was clearly intended to cause chill effects and fear in excellent civil activist organizations like Avaaz to not to interfere with these big-buck pigs and their shady dealings.

Big up to Avaaz for our victory!

Here is the finely prepared counter-document to the 168-page subpoena, the intention of which was to cause fear and chill.
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